Corsair’s New Flagship Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – The Vengeance K95 RGB Review

By | November 14, 2014

Corsair K95 Mechanical Keyboard Review and Unboxing Video

Corsair Vengeance RGB K95 Keyboard – A Gaming Keyboard Like No Other


Every now and then, companies decide to modify and revamp their products to make them better than before and Corsair is the latest brand to join the crowd. Finally, the long wait is over as Corsair Vengeance RGB K95 Keyboard has been official launched in the market in order to bring more delight to more users and cater to their needs, bringing their keyboard experience to higher levels.

A Sneak Peek at the New Corsair RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Specifically designed for remarkable RTS gaming, the Vengeance RGB K95 is now made available in both retail and e-tail. Having been in retail stores for more than a month now, this brand new addition to the lineup of outstanding keyboards from Corsair can offer a lot to the true RTS gamers.

The keyboard maintains its sturdy aircraft-grade black anodised brushed aluminum body, but has been further improved over its predecessor by now offering 3 different variants of Cherry MX Interchangeable keys – Red, Blue and Brown, all with 8 Bit RGB back lit keys as opposed to the standard white backlit Cherry MX red mechanical keys the previous model offered

Technical Specifications: Excellence at Its Finest

  • 16.7 million colour backlit keys with 3 options for Cherry MX Keys (Red, Brown, Blue)
  • A Choice between responsive and light Cherry MX Red Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches to enjoy varying levels of feedback based on your gaming or typing preference.
  • 6 multi-media keys (Volume Up/Down, Stop, Next, Mute, Play/Pause, Previous) together with weighted and solid metal volume drum roller.
  • 18 G Keys allowing customised on-the-fly macro recording
  • A Preset Key with 3 profiles allowing a total of 54 customised macros
  • Backlit Mechanical Keyboard keys which are laser-etched with 4 levels of illumination (off, 66 percent, 75 percent and full illumination) that can be selected from the keyboard.
  • Uninterrupted game play made possible by the Windows Lock Key.
  • Metal top plate for better durability, rigidity and strength.
  • USB Connector complete with gold plated contacts.
  • USB pass-through connector that gives easy access to the USB port found on the keyboard’s back (USB 1.0/1.1/2.0).
  • 2m non-tangle cable with adjustable feet tilt to offer optimum positioning and personalisation.

corsair rgb mechanical keyboard

What’s Inside the Box?

  • Vengeance RGB K95 gaming keyboard
  • Detachable soft wrist rest
  • A warranty card for the keyboard’s 2-year warranty.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8
  • PC with a USB port

Performance Gaming Within Reach

The Cherry MX mechanical key switches of Vengeance K95 provide low noise operation and fast and linear response. Because K95 is completely mechanical, you can expect to get this response no matter what key you choose to press. It also has a full key matrix anti-ghosting mechanism for you to enjoy the best signal quality together with a full-key rollover to guarantee accuracy even when playing fast. Its aluminum frame is also lightweight and its durability gives you the excitement of hours and hours of fast and intense gaming.

Customise According to Your Gaming Style

corsair rgb keyboard

Corsair’s CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) software that comes with Vengeance K95 can be used for programming the back-lighting for every key independently, which means that you can setup the custom-lit bindings depending on every kind of game that you choose to play. What’s more exciting is that once you have made the tweaks to suit your taste, its on-board memory will then let you take your new settings with you.

100% Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches

Gamers can expect linear and smooth key response for an ultra fast triple and double taps without any audible click. There are different kinds and colors of Cherry MX keys that are used for different purposes. For instance, the Cherry MX Blue keys are ideal for typists who love listening to the sound of their own writing because its high resistance makes them louder. On the other hand, brown comes with a perfect balance and it also happens to be the quietest of the crowd. Meanwhile, red is best known for its gaming purposes with its least resistance. With the Corsair Vengeance K95, you have the option to choose between the three.


Great Looks to Complement Your Desktop

One of the best things about Corsair K95 RGB is that this keyboard does not only offer remarkable gaming, for at the same time, its aesthetics also deserves a two-thumbs up. It has a brushed aluminum frame that is black anodised that gives it its impressive look, combined with the brilliant red backlighting which endows it with the distinctive look that you can expect from serious gaming machinery.

Brushed Aluminum Chassis to Impress

The frame of Corsair Vengeance K95 boasts a professional grade feel and look, plus the rugged durability that you require for long hours of intense gaming.

Multimedia Controls That You Can Access Easily

Of course, even gamers play videos and music and Vengeance K95 allows you to do them in a unique way. You can stop, play, skip tracks, pause and even adjust the volume by directly using K95.

Key By Key Customisable Backlighting

K95 comes with deep white LEDs that has key by key programmability and brightness that can light up any key that you need. This is perfect for illuminating the key bindings that you use for every game and you can also store several presets that will be directly saved to the onboard memory of K95, which means that you can carry light maps no matter where you go.

Full key Matrix Anti-Ghosting Complemented by full-Key Rollover

With every stroke of the keys, accurate gameplay can be experienced even if you press several keys at a time. No signal degradation will obstruct you and this can keep up with you even with the fastest gaming that you do.

USB Pass Through

It comes with an extra USB connector perfect for attaching your Vengeance gaming headset or mouse.

18 Customisable G-Keys That Has On-the-fly Programming

Easily and quickly record as much as 54 key sequences to experience faster play with K95.

Soft-Touch Wrist Rest

Tired wrists are never an issue with Vengeance RGB K95 with its wrist rest but if it gets in the way of your game, you can always detach it easily for better access.

Without a doubt, this Corsair RGB keyboard is not your ordinary gaming keyboard as it entirely changes the way you play your favourite games in more ways than one!

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