ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q Review – 144hz 3D 1440P G-Sync Enabled Titan!

By | November 5, 2014


The world of gaming was revolutionised mid-2014, with the release of the world’s first G-SYNC monitor. The ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q can actually be termed the pinnacle of gaming displays, with its ability to seamlessly combine the latest technology and design touches demanded by all gamers. The monitor is not only the first of its kind to feature G-SYNC technology, but also the first monitor to come with a native resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. Honestly, this 1440p (4 times the resolution of 720p) resolution makes the normal full HD 1080p displays appear like a series of particles in a screen! No offense though. The ROG Swift is undisputedly an all-round monitor, packing nearly all features demanded by this generation’s gamers. Starting with its design features, to its response time, to its performance, the monitor never ceases to surprise many. Our ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q review will cover as much as you need to know below.


Nvidia have been in the forefront in the manufacture of high end graphic cards in the gaming industry. They recently introduced the ground breaking G-Sync technology, one that altered the basic communication protocol between the graphics card and the display. G-sync technology uses a rather simple yet efficient concept, achieved by synchronising display refresh rates to the GPU. This technology comes in handy to eliminate screen tearing and minimize input lag resulting in sharper objects, smoother gaming experience and instant update of scenes. The SWIFT PG278Q features Nvidia Ultra Low Motion Technology (ULMBR) that ensures production of crisp images even in fast paced environments by minimizing the effects of motion. And if that’s not enough, the monitor is compatible with both Nvidia 3D kits 1 and 2, supporting up to 3 WQHD displays for immersive multi display gaming experience.



The PG278Q is powered by a 90 w adapter. Also available is a USB hub at the back that provides two 3.0 downstream ports for fast connectivity with compatible devices and a one 3.0 USB for upstream. A 1.2 display port included is used for QHD output.

Design features

Asus ROG Swift Positions

The ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q features a state of the art Smart Air Vent design that aids in heat dissipation, allowing the monitor to remain cool for extended periods of time. It has a light and slim profile, weighing around 11 pounds only. Its slim nature especially on its sides makes it the perfect monitor for use in extended environments, or during multi display setups. The stand that comes with the Swift PG278Q is ergonomically designed, adding more comfort. The screen can swivel +-60 degrees, or tilt up to -5 or +20 degrees. It can, as well rotate up to 90 degrees, enabling you to turn the stretch display to become a vertical display. Height adjustments are also supported by the stand.

Navigation and buttons

The PG278Q features a rather user friendly navigation system that navigates the super responsive menu. This is because the onscreen display (OSD) is navigated by a nub that resembles a joystick, located at the back of the monitor. Next to the joystick are four more buttons that customise the output further. One button represents the turbo key that selects between 60 Hz, 120Hz and 144Hz depending on the user’s preference. Also included is a GamePlus hotkey that provides a crosshair overlay to boost the gaming environment.


Display features

This display uses the super Twisted Nematic (NT) technology, a much more advanced display technology compared to LCD or even the LED technology. This TN technology is best known for display of high quality images and extended viewing angles while consuming less power. It can therefore display a maximum of 16.7 million colours. With a native resolution of 1440p, the monitor displays extra high definition images and motion pictures with a lot of ease. The 27” monitor has an incredible 144Hz refresh rate bundled up with a 1ms response time, all coming in handy to minimize any possible motion blurs even in the fastest racing games, while at the same time eliminating smearing and tearing in gaming environments. All this with G-Sync and 3D enabled display capable of resolutions at 7680 x 1440, you wont find anything better on the market today

G-Sync Graph

Bottom line

The ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q definitely hits all the right notes for a top of the line monitor. Being the first monitor to feature both 1440p and 144Hz, you can never get anything better than this at the moment. It has a fully adjustable stand, while its design features will. Panel Review gave this monitor the overal best 27 inch gaming monitor of 2014

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