Acer 4k2k XB280HK 28” G-Sync Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor review

By | November 5, 2014

Acer 4k2k XB280HK

You probably think that your 1920 x 1080 High Definition monitor is the best for gaming. Wait until you meet this ground-breaking, state of the art monitor. Officially known as the Acer 4k2k XB280HK 28” G-Sync Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor, this beast delivers a whooping 4K by 2K native resolution. I doubt whether you know what that means. Well, in simple language, the monitor combines 4 1080p screens into 1! This monitor redefined the gaming world as it was the first monitor to feature that kind of resolution. And if that’s not enough, the XB280HK also features NVIDIA G-SYNC™ Technology, all in a bid to take your gaming experience to the next generation.

Design features

The Acer 4k2k XB280HK is slightly bigger than conventional high performance monitors, with a panel size of 28 inches. Apparently, this monitor pushes comfy levels to the next level. First, it features viewing angles of 170 degrees vertical and 170 degrees horizontal. This means that no matter the angle you are viewing from, the images still retain their brilliant colours. This monitor also features a multi-functional ergonomic stand. It supports height adjustments of up to 155mm, swivel angles of +-60 degrees, or tilt angles of -5 +35 degrees. It can as well rotate up to 90 degrees, enabling you to easily switch from landscape to portrait orientations. At the base of the stand is a detachable base that is firm and sturdy to strongly support the screen.

Display features and Technology

As seen earlier, this was the first monitor to include 4k resolution, featuring a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This translates into a display of stunning high quality images with excellent detail to blow your mind away. The monitor features a combination of LED and TN display technologies that ensure production of excellent images while consuming as little power as possible. This monitor therefore meets the ENERGY STAR® standards that advocate for environmentally friendly devices that conserve energy.

A fast response rate of 1 ms in the Acer 4k2k XB280HK minimizes the annoying effects of ghosting and smearing by ensuring smoother transitions even in fast moving scenes especially in games. The NVIDIA® 3D LIGHTBOOST™ Technology promises the production of much brighter images without any increase in energy consumption. Moreover, the comfyview technology in this panel reduces reflection from a light source, preventing light sources such as bulbs to be reflected on the screen as seen in conventional monitors.


G-Sync technology

Nvidia have been in the forefront in the manufacture of high end graphic cards in the gaming industry. They recently introduced the ground breaking G-Sync technology, one that altered the basic communication protocol between the graphics card and the display. G-sync technology uses a rather simple yet efficient concept, achieved by synchronizing display refresh rates to the GPU. This technology comes in handy to eliminate screen tearing and minimize input lag resulting in sharper objects, smoother gaming experience and instant update of scenes.

G-Sync Graph


Unfortunately, the 4k2k XB280HK monitor does not include inbuilt speakers, neither does it include audio input or output ports. Probably to compensate for that factor, Acer integrated a 5 port 3.0 USB hub into this monitor. Four of these ports provide gamers with a convenient setup environment to connect USB devices such as keyboard, mouse, gaming headset or even gamepads. The fifth port is specially equipped with a battery charge feature for quick charging. Connectivity is limited 1 display port. This is not Acer’s decision however. G-Sync standard is currently only available through this input, which leaves manufacturers limited.

Bottom line

All said and done, the Acer 4k2k XB280HK 28” G-Sync Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor proves to be a monitor of the next generation. With all this great resolution plus more excellent features, you might expect the monitor to really be rough on your pocket, well, that’s not it. Surprisingly, the monitor costs less compared to most 1440p 144Hz monitors currently in the market. It has a fully adjustable stand, while its design features will freak your friends out. Panel Review have awarded this monitor, best 4k 27 inch gaming monitor 2014


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